Who is Cornelis

Cor van Harn, Cornelis van Harn,
Cornelis van Harn
Cornelis, born and raised in the Netherlands, is a self-made man, creative at heart, organizer by nature. Both his life and career have led him to interesting places and situations, connecting to all sorts of people, always looking for personal growth and development. 

After intense flirtations with dance, music, interior design and fashion, Cornelis found his true passion in Art, which obviously often is an inspiration for the previous mentioned interests. Cornelis' specialism lies in Modern and Contemporary Art.
Since Cornelis has a broad interest and open mind, he will keep himself informed regarding culture in general, sharing his opinion and experience through articles. If anything Cornelis is an aesthetic, with an eye for proportion, color, and rhythm. He is able to see details, without losing focus on the bigger picture. 

Cornelis represents several intentional contemporary artists. Being a curator he advises them on their work and helps them grow and develop their talents. 
Cornelis is also art advicer / consultant and he has an extended network in the art wolrd. To find out more about Cornelis his experience please go to Cornelis Projects. If you would like to contact Cornelis feel free to cal him, or send him an email
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