Lindsey Nobel

Lindsey Nobel
Cornelis says: Lindsey is an abstract artist with a very own and unique style. She works mostly with acrylic. Her colour pallet is quite divers. Her series Liquid Lines are monochromes, reminding of the Zero Art Movement. Use of stronger tones are also to be found in her work, often emphasizing on contrast. 
Lindsey Nobel (1969) was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Nobel attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, graduating in 1992 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She also attended the Royal College of art through the University of California, Los Angeles, where she studied figure painting. Lindsey continued her education at the Museum School in Boston. After Graduating from University of California at Santa Cruz she moved to San Francisco. 
During the run of a 2004 solo show at Cartelle Gallery, Los Angeles curated by Sam Freedman and Heather Harmon, Lindsey was introduced to a group of Los Angeles artists to which she is still very much connected. The 2009 exhibition at the Los Angeles L2Kontemporary Gallery titled “Mo’ Flow: Blots & Trails,” was curated by Peter Frank and included the 
work of five southern California painters, one of those painters was Lindsey Nobel.For this exhibition she worked with fabricator Jack Brogan and created her “Overview" paintings. In 2011 she found her way to the City of Inglewood where she discovered she could financially afford to rent a live-work studio. Lindsey’s first Inglewood studio was located on West Street and her current studio is on La Brea Avenue. In May of 2016 she obtained gallery representation at the Jason Vass Gallery in Los Angeles, where her "Overview" paintings will be shown in a 2017 exhibition. 
 Lindsey Nobel is a mixed-media artist living and working in Los Angeles. Her art employs various media to explore ideas of technology, science and human connection. 
Lindsey’s artistic process stems from investigating memory, dislocation and environment. Attachment and reflection.
In 1992 she began developing a drawing language that, for better or worse, connects us to computers. Lindsey’s work exposes the invisible world to which we are utterly attached via the Infosphere.

National and international venues have exhibited Lindsey’s work, including: Restelli Art, Rome; Jason Vass Contemporary Art Gallery, Los Angeles; and Cartelle Gallery, Los Angeles. Additionally, Lindsey was selected to be in the prestigious 2010 group show “Swell”, curated by gallerist Tim Nye who maintained a gallery presence in both Los Angeles and New York.
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