Roos Eelman

Roos Eelman, artist, kunstenaar, abstract art
Roos Eelman

Cornelis \says:  Roos’ art works are very strong and atmospheric. And even though her works may appear to be very different, they all are recognizable due to use of light and dark, but even more so because of the stroke of her brush. Her abstract art does tell a story, giving it more depth. Roos, in general, has a very international  approach, explained by the years she  lived in Milan and by both her Italian and American art education.
Roos Eelman (1972) is a Dutch born artist. She followed her art education at ‘Academia di belle Arte di Brera in Milan and lived and worked for many years in Milan. Some years ago she returned to Amsterdam, where she continued her life as an artist

Eelman gets her inspiration from many aspects in life. She chooses her topics with care and even though Roos is an abstract artist, when she starts creating new works she begins with making figurative studies and sketches. The chosen subjects add emotion to her work to give it the depth and intensity she feels she wants to express.
Coming from the initially figurative inspiration and studies she transforms her ideas into an abstract, whether it is an unrecognisable detail or more the emotional abstract expression from the initial idea, the form, shape, and intense use of colour give her viewers the possibility to create their own thoughts, ideas and interpretation.

In 2015 Roos stepped away from use of colour and created a series in black and white. For these very monumental paintings Roos used original and unique photos of historical buildings or details of them. This mixed technique on canvas is a combination of figurative and abstract art.  
Since Eelman chose to leave parts of the original image recognizable, while creating a new image and atmosphere by abstracting other parts, these paintings become more mysterious, giving room for interpretation. The black and white contribute to the powerful emotion, giving a strong sense of light and darkness, and drawing a parallel with the dualism in current society. 
After these series Roos again felt she needed to use colour again in her work yet, remaining the monumental feel of her black and white series. Forms, shapes, use of light as a contrast of dark are clear marks in her oeuvre. Roos, both in personal professional life keeps on developing and this reflects in her art. 
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