Laurent Muller

Laurent Muller, artist, designer
Laurent Muller

Cornelis \says: Laurent is an artist and from origin a designer. Nowadays his designs are mostly limited editions. His paintings however are all originals. His approach to make create art is from his emotion. His art works show development and his own emotional journey, his aesthetics, his care and eye for perfection are clearly noted in all his work.
Laurent Muller was born in France, and is of German and Irish descent. He studied Applied Arts at the age of 14 and received his MA from the National School of Design in Paris (ENSCI-Les Ateliers) in 1998, with the ANVAR prize. 
After working for a number of years in Paris and New York as a designer, Muller moved to Malta in 2003. Here, he opened an art gallery in the convent of St Ursula in Valletta before starting to exhibit in London. 
Nowadays Muller lives and works in Amsterdam, continuing working as an artist and designer for limited editions furniture. His work is collected across the globe.
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