Henri Blommers

Henri Blommers, artist, photographer, fotograaf
Henri Blommers

Cornelis \says: Henri’s work has a rather unique point of view, approaching his art in a very idealistic manner, showing care towards the earth and life in general.. Often his photos create an almost abstract image, even though the series ‘Plastic Utopia’ are merely images of nature with plastic objects. His strong use of color is a very noticeable aspect as well. This specialty is also a feature that often marks his portraits.
Henri Blommers is a Fine-art photographer and portrait photographer living in Amsterdam. Although he was always passionate about photography from his teenage years on, he never considered a photography education until his job at HP, when he started working part-time as a photographer.  

In 2010 Henri graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and is working ever since full time on photography. He collaborates with photographers as with artists in other disciplines. Some years ago Henri started working on “Plastic Utopia”, a photography project on the impact of our consumption on the environment.
The contrast with these series of photography lies obviously in the fact that what is bad for our planet creates very abstract, powerful and colorful images. Although Blommers photographed analogue at a similar project, this time he decided to work digitally for two reasons. 

Henri wanted flash to play an important role to highlight and isolate certain parts of the frame and he wanted the colors to be very strong and intense creating a more futuristic feel emphasizing on the aesthetic approach that he had chosen for in these series.
Blommers was selected for New 2014 by Gup magazine and nominated for SO 2015, He is represented by different online galleries. His work was featured on LensCulture worldwide, Birdinflight in Russia, Design Indaba in South-Africa. 

His portrait work was published in both Dutch and International Newspapers. Recently Henri made applied series for the cities of Leiden (on the way of how plastics go from consumer to see) and The Hague (the impact of consumption on beach life) . Both series are on display in the respective cities.
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